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Immersion française à Bordeaux

Séjour en immersion chez notre professeure Anne Laure | Bordeaux – Avis de Nigel

« The improvement in my French has been close to miraculous. »

« I attended a French immersion course in Bordeaux living for 6 nights with Anne-Laure the host and tutor.
When I arrived I could hardly string a sentence together but now I am a very confident speaker. I highly recommend Anne-Laure and SI Immersion. In summary…Wow! »



Maryse, Immersion française en Bourgogne

Séjour en immersion chez notre professeure Maryse | Burgundy – Avis de Markus

« Elle intègre l’étudiant à la vie quotidienne et à la culture française »

“J’ai passé trois semaines de cours privés chez Maryse. Deux chambres confortables attendent les étudiantes. Maryse est une vrai ‘Cordon Bleu’ et elle m’ai preparé des différents spécialités de la région. La ville médievale et la rivièra L’Armançon me plaisent extraordinairement. L’échange de vues sur les actualités actualités m’aident beaucoup à améliorer l’expression orale et gagner de confiance.”



Coralyne, Immersion française sur la Côte d'Azur

Séjour en immersion chez notre professeure Coralyne | Côte d’Azur – Avis de Tinne

“C’est une immersion totale !”

“J’ai beaucoup appris d’une manière agréable et familiale. Je n’ai pas seulement appris la grammaire mais aussi la culture, la gastronomie les paysages… et en plus j’ai rencontré une chouette famille. Je reviendrai !”



Coralyne, Immersion française dans le Luberon

Séjour en immersion chez notre professeure Françoise | Luberon, Provence – Avis de Nora

“Je garderai toujours de bons souvenirs de mon séjour chez vous”

” Je vous remercie infiniment pour votre accueil chaleureux, votre gentillesse, votre patience. Et tous vos talents partagés généreusement. Amicalement”

Nora Lee Hornicek


Claude, Immersion française à Paris

Séjour en immersion chez notre professeure Claude | Paris – Avis de Nora et Gérard

« Une prof superbe, excellent »

“J’ai une marveilleuse experience avec Mme Gamelin. Elle et son mari nous avons promené par des lieux très interessants de Paris tant a moi comme a mon mari. Ils sont deux personnes charmant, cultivés et chaleureuses.”

Nora et Gerard


Carol, Immersion française à Morzine

Séjour en immersion chez notre professeure Carol | Morzine – Avis de Diana

« Le cours et le séjour a été une très belle expérience. »

I learnt a lot and feel more confident in my French speaking. Would definitely recommend!



Benedicte, Immersion française à Belvédère

Séjour en immersion chez notre professeure Benedicte | Belvédère – Avis de Laura

« Les cours étaient vraiment individualisés pour mon niveau et style »

“Merci pour tout ! Mon temps à Belvédère avec Bénédicte et son mari était superbe. Les montagnes sont magnifiques, la maison est vraiment confortable et jolie et l’accueil chez Bénédicte était exactement ce dont j’avais besoin. En plus, Bénédicte est tellement douée avec les lectures. Merci.”



Perrine, Immersion française en Bretagne

Séjour en immersion chez notre professeure Perrine | Brittany – Avis d’Abdelaziz

« Merci pour ce merveilleux séjour dans cette belle région. »



Laurence, Immersion française près du Mont Ventoux

Séjour en immersion chez notre professeure Laurence | Near Mont Ventoux – Avis Howard

« Ils sont les hôtes parfaits »

“La semaine était bien passé chez Laurence et Samuel. Laurence était flexible de les heures des leçons, dont ça m’a permis de faire le vélo même que le temps faisait un peu mauvais quelque jours. Les repas étaient délicieux. J’aimerais bien revenir !”



Laurence, Immersion française à Rosny-sous-Bois

Séjour en immersion chez notre professeure Isabelle | Rosny-sous-Bois, Paris – Avis de Veronica

« Isabel est une excellente professeur. »

“Philip et Isabel m’ont aidé à me sentir chez moi. Ils m’ont fourni de merveilleuses expériences culturelles. Quand j’étais malade, Isabel m’a prendre chez le médecin. Elle a cuisiné très bien. Ils étaient toujours flexibles et serviables avec tout. Isabel et Philip étaient toujours positifs, joyeux et curieux. Je recommande fortement Isabel en tant que professeur. ”



Beatrice, Immersion française en Pays d'Aix

Séjour en immersion chez notre professeure Beatrice | Pays d’Aix, Provence – Avis de Riccardo

« Béatrice est une très bonne prof. »

“J’ai beaucoup aimé mon séjour et mon français s’est amélioré. Je recommande”



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Avis des cours de français


My husband and I had a wonderful experience doing French Immersion with Elisabeth and Roland in Versailles. They are excellent hosts. Elisabeth is a very experienced and skilled teacher and Ron and I improved our French during our stay. Elisabeth and Roland’s apartment is very chic and very well set up for guests. We had our own elegant bedroom with adjoining bathroom. Versailles is very convenient to Paris and a perfect place to experience French life. Highly recommended.
I had a fantastic experience with a wonderful host and teacher Pascal. He and his partner could not have been more welcoming and generous. They were happy to cater for my dietary restrictions taking a lot of care to ensure everything was suitable. The lessons each morning were challenging but enjoyable. The outings in the afternoons were amazing. Pascal took what interested me into account when planning them and I was able to see a great sample of what Bretagne has to offer. I would definitely recommend a home stay experience with Pascal.
I can’t say strongly enough how wonderful my experience with S I Immersion was. I stayed for about a week each with two different teachers and their families. My French improved dramatically and I feel more confident in my language abilities. I also feel like I have new friends in my teachers. They were flexible, patient, kind, and fed me wonderful regional food as well. :)I could not have created such an experience on my own with a typical language school and I’m so happy I found this program. The cultural, historical, and language exposure I received was beyond my hopes. I highly recommend S.I.immersion and I look forward to participating again in the future.
Just a WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE. Marie was a charming host and an expert teacher. I learned a lot while having lots of fun. Merci mille fois pour cet expérience. Je me souviens toujours!
Couldn't have been better! This was by far the best French course I've ever taken. Beatrice imparted knowledge and gave confidence, made sure the course was interesting and relevant to my interests, was imaginative in her approach to morning classes. Sharing life with Beatrice and her husband for a week was a very special experience, not least culturally. They were warm and kind and the food marvellous. My French - spoken and written - has taken a leap forward. Strongly recommend Beatrice's course .
My stay with Ann was wonderful. The food was superb. The accommodations are lovely – you have your own room and bathroom. The location is very good - walking distance from the old city. Ann is a great teacher I feel like my French really improved during the week, and she makes an effort to teach you what you are interested in. We also did numerous outings. I really enjoyed my stay.
I had a wonderful 2 weeks with Laurence in Vaison-la-Romaine. She was a thoughtful and patient teacher and spent many hours with me to improve my French. She was also a gracious host and took me to many of the most beautiful places in Provence. I would highly recommend her.
I absolutely loved my week with Anne Laure in Bordeaux. She is warm, fun, kind, generous, and I enjoyed being with her so much! She went out of her way to make sure I was taken care of and enjoying myself here. She also worked hard to ensure my lessons were useful to me and appropriate to my needs. I feel like I have made a new friend. Bordeaux is a beautiful city—I was blown away by how beautiful it was. I feel very fortunate to have had this experience! It was the perfect opportunity to meet a wonderful lady and her family, to improve my French, and to see Bordeaux. Absolutely amazing!!!
I spent an incredible two weeks with Maryse and her trusty dog Vulcan at her beautiful home (in an ancient convent) in the charming and serene city of Semur-en-Auxois. Maryse is a terrific teacher, and helped to focus on my own areas of weakness including grammar, vocabulary, and especially pronounciation, and offered insightful guidance about how I can continue to learn and improve. Her enthusiasm for the French language, history, and culture, were contageous. Did I mention the food?! Maryses is a wonderful cook, and she cheerful prepared two weeks-worth of delicious meatless meals to meet my needs. I encourage anyone seeking a true immersion into French language and cuture to consider an immersion like mine spent with Maryse. My visit exceeded all of my expectations.
We realised that we would enjoy our trip to France a lot more if we could interact better as were having trouble making ourselves understood. Staying with Francis and Isabelle was the perfect solution. Francis tailored our learning to exactly what we needed as well as organising interesting trips he knew we would like from historical tours to colourful markets. Isabelle and Francis were very thoughtful hosts, always checking with us that we had everything we needed, nothing was too much trouble. A great experience as it gave us the confidence to be able to have better conservations with people as well as learning a lot more about the culture of France in general and all in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.
I spent two weeks in Bretagne with Francis and Isabelle and would definitely do it again. My hosts were friendly, patient and very generous with their time. Pont-Scorff ended up being a great place to study French because no one spoke to me in English as I was out and about, and I found plenty of things to do outside of my time with my hosts like hiking, taking the bus into Lorient, visiting art exhibits and - of course - multiple trips to the boulangerie.Francis customized his approach to my skill level and interests and planned several fun activities like visiting a German submarine base from World War 2 and the prehistoric stone alignments at Carnac. Isabelle was very kind in taking the time to teach me how to cook crepes and quiche.All in all, it was an epic trip that gave me the opportunity to deepen my knowledge of both the French language and culture.
A memorable experience and truly an immersive language program in the Alps. Carol and her family included me into every aspect of their daily life. Her teaching provided the necessary foundation to build upon. The accommodations, the area, instruction and meals were unforgettable. You will be challenged to find another program that surpasses the scenery, learning environment and overall experience.
I did my immersion with Carol in Morzine. Carol is truly a fantastic French teacher, and helped me improve my French level greatly. The opportunity to be immersed in French family life was also invaluable. Highly recommended!
I have just spent an amazing week with Marie in Fayence.Marie and her husband were really warm and welcoming and immediately put me at my ease.I really enjoyed the structure of the programme with the mix of formal teaching and informal conversations.The accommodation and food were also excellent as were the excursions.It is the second time I have used SL.immersion and the standard has been consistently high.My french has certainly improved as has my understanding of french culture
We had a full month with Beatrice in Provence. I can't imagine having a better teacher. She created a program for us that completely suited our needs, and varied the lessons to make them always interesting. Time flew. We never felt self conscious about speaking French, as she put us at complete ease. Beatrice brought us to places of our choice, including to precious quaint villages. Some of the meals lasted for over 2 hours with avid conversations.When guests came over she invited us to join in. Overall, it was an experience of a lifetime. Merci du fond du coeur.
My 17 year old daughter and I stayed with Claude and Jean Paul over Thanksgiving 2021. My daughter's French improved dramatically. It's even inspired me to do it myself!
A wonderful immersion experience! the Bordeaux experience was wonderful. My French improved immensely and I saw so much of the sites and food! Anne Laure was a wonderful host with many special touches, especially a bike ride at midnight through Bordeaux! Incroyable! Mon prefere etait le concert de jour et la brunch Avec maman (google won't let me at accents! but I know to! ) Merci for one belle experience !
Fantastic immersion. A great unique learning experience. thank you.
I studied for a week with Pierre in Moustier, Nouvelle Aquitaine and enjoyed the whole experience. He was a great teacher who really adapted his lessons to my priorities. The gite was lovely - tons of space, beautiful countryside and dogs! I learned so much and would recommend the entire experience without hesitation. Pierre is also a good cook!
I had a wonderful two week stay with Géraldine. It was lovely. We addressed all my grammar needs and had many fun excursions to explore Provence.
I spent a week with Claude and Jean Paul Gamelin in Normandy. They are very warm and friendly. They made me feel very welcome in their home . The lessons were adapted perfectly to my needs. We went on some wonderful excursions and I learned a lot about the history of Normandy. They invited some of their friends to their house to meet me and give me the opportunity to talk to people with a variety of accents. It was a wonderful week!
The experience chez Marie has been amazing. An extremely welcoming family that helped me to better know France and its culture. Marie is an excellent teacher, and my french has improved significantly after this experience. I would certainly recommend it to all those who want to learn French and to know more about this beautiful country
I encountered S.L.Immersion as I was searching online for a private live-in French language learning opportunities. I must say, I am so glad that I made the choice of working with them.I was already residing in France and had a reasonable level of French proficiency. However, my progress was hitting plateau as I had no apparent objectives but to be able to communicate better in French. In the end, I decided to take DALF C1 exam in order to have a bit more structure in my learning. Although it was a last-minute decision, my host teacher, Geraldine had supported me and dedicated so much of her time and shared with me her wealth of knowledge. (and I did pass my C1 exam!)Another wonderful part of working with S.L Immersion is that they cater to various needs of each student. For me, I wanted to get connected with local artisans and olive oil producers. Celtina was so kind and patient in understanding my wishes and Celtina & Geraldine both were always ready to help.Although I was already living locally, I actually had experienced the French culture and enjoyed the local nature and cultural activities a lot more than what I had experience in the entire year! Being introduced to the teacher’s social community, participating in outdoor activities or cultural activities together made my three-week stay a lot richer than any other language school programs or homestay experiences I’ve ever had.I have learned English, German and French in my life, and I must say that learning languages may not require home stay experience. However, I must emphasize the importance of immersing oneself in the local life in order to really understand the language at deeper level. This would accelerate the linguistic progress dramatically, especially at advanced level.If you are someone who wants to live in France like a local while learning the language, the culture, getting your hobby time in and getting connected with the local community, I highly recommend you contact them right away!
I spent a wonderful 8 days immersed in French language and culture with Claude, Jean-Paul and Thierry! Their magnificent 18th century presbytère surrounded by the abundant wheat and flax fields of Normandy inspires a deep appreciation for French history which I will treasure for life.A week (or two) in full immersion is highly recommended for all language students, but in particular I would recommend SL Immersion to any other intermediate French learners seeking what they can do above and beyond lessons via Skype/Zoom. Venez en France, c'est la meilleure façon d'apprendre !Je vous remercie encore, et à très bientôt ! Miguel
I had been looking for an immersion program for a long time. Finally, I found my way to Roquebrussanne. What a wonderful experience for me. Géraldine and her lovely family took good care of me. I quickly became a member of the family.Géraldine was patient and very supportive in bringing me to a new level of French. The whole family helped me. During my stay, I had precious experiences and I learned a lot about French culture and the art of living. It is an unforgettable time for me.Thank you Geraldine
I stayed a week with Carol and Fred and their family to improve my French and gain confidence. They were very welcoming and I felt at home at all times. Myself being a compulsive planner, I felt at all times perfectly calm as SL Immersion did a great job of explaining how everything would be before I made the reservation with “my family”. They provided information, help and advice where needed, and I always felt they had my back. They really create an environment where you feel comfortable, from planning of the immersion to the last day of your stay. Then, they followed up during and after the stay to make sure that everything was going well.My teacher and her family were great hosts, it was obviously not the first time they were hosting a French student and they knew exactly what I needed. They paid attention to talk clearly and about a great variety of subjects so that I could expand my vocabulary. They also asked me about subjects I was interested in (in my case, my line of work) and they did research to make sure they could speak about topics that were relevant and interesting to me. The learning experience could not have been better, but on top of it they provided an awesome set of activities with the right time of free time to let my brain rest or do my homework.I loved the meals they prepared (Fred is a great chef!) and the conversations we had around the table with their kids after each lunch and dinner. They are a fun family and they make you feel as one of them. This was really the key to having a great experience with the immersion.A few days before starting the immersion, they also asked about the activities that I enjoy doing and they organized my week so that I could do all of them.One day we went fishing and another we biked along the river. We also did three incredible hikes that I will never forget as the region where they live is truly one of the most beautiful ones there are (French Alps).The entire experience is perfect for someone that wants to make a leap forward with their French.
Immersion has been a very good experience, I learnt a lot and feel more confident in my French speaking. Would definitely recommend!
I attended a French immersion course in Bordeaux living for 6 nights with Anne-Laure the host and tutor.The improvement in my French has been close to miraculous. When I arrived I could hardly string a sentence together but now I am a very confident speaker. I highly recommend Anne-Laure and SI Immersion. In summary...Wow!
Revue S L Immersion Antti Holma
Review S L Immersion Antti Holma