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Learning French with S.L.Immersion is: unique stays at the teacher’s home, elearning solutions recognized by the French Ministry of Education, a commitment to quality..


We provide you with an exceptional learning method in a unique environment specially created to learn French in an authentic and intensive way. Indeed, the teacher, as expert, meet up your expectations with tailor-made courses in the morning and structured and natural conversations during meals and sightseeings. Based on your age, your level of French, your first language and your linguistic needs, your teacher sets up a programme of effective and adaptive teaching. You assess a placement test before you start the course and a French course certificate is delivered at the end of your programme. Would you like to discover France and lovely places? Our network provides you with the communicative, linguistic and cultural knowledge that is necessary for your to succeed in French.


Private Classes or Groups starting

at two and up to four students with the same level for all the paticipants


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Exams and Certifications

  • Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de Paris’s exams

DFP : (Diplômes du Français Professionnel, for foreigners who use French at work, test skills in French on Business, Corporate office, Legal career, Medical, Tourism and Hotel work, Science and Technics)

Test d’Évaluation du Français, international value


  • CIEP’s exam and certifications

DILF : Diplôme Initial de Langue Française

DELF : Diplôme Etude de Langue Française

DALF : Diplôme Aprofondissement de Langue Française

TCF : Test de connaissances du français

[email protected] : Test en ligne


High Quality Teaching

Your French teachers, graduated and ...

Intensive Homestay

The expert accompanied you all day long


High quality teaching

Graduate French teachers


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Travel alone or with your family

Your immersion stay and lessons in France are extremely ...

Authenticity and French Immersion

Culture, Learning, locals’ Exchange at the teacher’s residence


About S.L.Immersion

About SLImmersion

Bonjour ! My name is Celtina Masardo, S.L.Immersion manager, coordinator and teacher. I’m glad to organise for you the perfect programme of authentic immersion language homestay. Furthermore, you can prepare your stay with me thanks to my private French lessons via Skype.

Celtina Masardo slimmersion

I have been teaching French for foreigners for more than 10 years in schools in Lyon and Switzerland but I wanted to offer more authentic, intensive stays that are different to other learning centres. In 2012, I set up S.L.Immersion and as my French courses in Provence became known and very popular due to the success with students, I expanded the offers in France with the help of local teachers, passionate about their region and the French language. Hence, I have personally selected each teacher with high certification and experience in teaching. Our programs provide high quality stay in total immersion with private and adaptable courses: a combination of Learning, Culture, Exchange with the local, and Authenticity.

Are you looking for a unique environment especially created to improve your French language in an authentic French setting? Whether you are a beginner or advanced student, aged from 18 to 80 years old, you are welcome to join with your friend, partner, family or simply on your own. As a student, you will stay with the teacher and family in their home. You will take scheduled classes as this is an important part of the learning process, but you will get to practice your French in a real life environment. Your motivation to Learn French is for pleasure, work, preparation exam, or simply to discover the region. This personally tailored French immersion at the teacher’s residence will help you master French language in no time!

Kate Miller
Patricia Watsula

What could be more special and memorable than learning French on a truly exceptional immersion course where you stay with a French teacher and its family in their home in lovely France. Now you have the opportunity to live the French life enjoying the food, discovering secret places – and learning French at the same time.

Your Immersion Programme

validation Welcome at the teacher’s home
Learn French | One-to-One | Small groups
validation Personalized French lessons
Discover France with tours
validation Accommodation at teacher’s home
Comfortable double room
Ensuite Bathroom (optional)
Share meals whith your teacher
Transfer (optional)