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Entreprise et Découverte meets know-how

Entreprise et Découverte meets know-how

During an immersion stay, learning the language and discovering French culture is a key element of your stay. It allows you to practice French while learning with your teacher as your guide. That’s why S.L.Immersion is committed to working with quality partners like Entreprise et Découverte.

Entreprise et Découverte is a national association whose mission is to highlight French know-how. To help people understand and discover the workings and people behind the craft.

Entreprise et decouverte

Each region has its own know-how and craftsmanship, and across France Entreprise et découverte offers more than 2,000 companies to visit throughout the year.

S.L.Immersion brings you the opportunity to discover local companies that offer visits to their premises, so that you can discover all the French craftsmanship in the region where you are doing your immersion stay.

Depending on your preferences, Entreprise et Découverte covers a wide range of sectors, from agriculture and food to cosmetics and wellness. Together with your teacher, you can choose which business sectors appeal to you most!

Entreprise et decouverte

Visiting a company with Entreprise et Découverte isn’t just about going into a store and buying a local product, it’s also about discovering how the product was made, its history and that of the company. It’s a chance to talk to the artisans themselves, while participating in a short consumer circuit.

At the heart of this association, there is transparency, exchange and discovery.

Entreprise et decouverte

Why support know-how and craftsmanship?

The traditions, heritage and cultural identity of a particular town or region are reflected in local craftsmanship. We want to help preserve these important cultural characteristics by helping you discover and support local crafts.

Local handicrafts are often made using sustainable practices, natural materials and age-old craft methods. We want to encourage ecologically responsible activities and reduce our ecological footprint by purchasing regional handicrafts.

Entreprise et decouverte

Local crafts are often handmade with great attention to detail, guaranteeing high-quality products. These items stand out from standardized mass-produced products because they are original and often have a special meaning or story.

Local crafts are often the fruit of the creativity and innovation of local artisans. By discovering these products, we encourage and support their talent, which can also foster new ideas and new forms of artistic expression.

For more information on Entreprise et Découverte, click here:

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