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  • A personalised stay
  • Courses based on my needs and level
  • Comfortable accommodation with double room and bathroom
  • Guided conversations during meals and activities
  • The experience of the real life “à la française”
  • Tours and activities in our region to practice French natural conversations
  • A certificate with your level at the end of the stay + a level test

Once you’ve booked, we will send you your teacher’s email. Also, your teacher will contact you to introduce herself or himself and test your a level of French with a little call and emails in French (if possible). You and your teacher will organise the best schedule for you. And he/she will send you more details about transportations to reach the place if needed.

As your stay is extremely flexible to your expectations, you can pick up all the services you want and custom your own stay in the booking form.

Our prices breakdown are here.

If you need any recommendations or any help just contact Celtina, she is always happy to help.

If you choose half board you should take some money to buy some food (a sandwich in France is about 5€ and the casual restaurant about 20€ for a menu). The money you will bring will be used for souvenirs or shopping.
About the activities with your teacher as a guide, when you book, you pay to be coached by your teacher during the activity. If you choose activities that requieres to pay entrance ticket (as museums) so we will ask you to pay for you and your teacher if you want your teacher being with you.

To book you can click on the following page here.

Your teacher wants you to feel at home. You will be warmly welcomed and treated as one of the family. You will improve your French fast and have the most personalised tuition you have ever had. You will get more confidence in speaking and discover more about French culture.

If you stay more than one week, the weekends will be an excellent opportunity to practice your French with guided conversations with your teacher and its family during mealtime and during the sightseeings. You will spend family time and also you will have the opportunity to explore the area on your own or just relax at your teacher’s home.

Your teacher will provide you with a comfortable accommodation: heated study bedroom with table, lamp and wardrobe. Bedding and towels. Facilities for laundry. And of course a wifi connection!

Yes we do. When you book your homestay, we will ask you for the specific diet. And your teacher will accommodate your meals according to your specific needs.

You will have the place to store your luggage in your room at your teacher’s home.

A car is not really necessary because your teacher will pick you up and drop you off if necessary. And you will be with your teacher during the excursions. There are also plenty of transportations. They vary according the area of your homestay.

Depending on the teacher you will choose, you could park in your teacher’s garden or in a parking near your teacher’s residence.

Depending on the teacher you will choose, the pet may be allowed. Please check the teacher’s profile for more informations, or the booking form. Or contact us at anytime.

Usually the teacher’s home is non smoking. It is requested that, if needed, you smoke on the balcony or terrace or close to an open window towards the outside and outside in the garden.

If you have any further questions or need more information before or during your stay, please don’t hesitate to contact us at +33(0)6 265 725 10, or ask your teacher. We want you to enjoy your course as much as possible. Please tell us any changes you want or any improvment we can make for you. Do not wait until the end of the course to ask any questions you may have.

Please let us know your approximate arrival time at your teacher’s home. You will be expected to arrive at your teacher’s home in the afternoon of the day of arrival (latest flight arrival 9pm). Please plan your departure for the morning of your departure day (ealiest flight departure time 9am).

All our homestays have FREE WIFI access

Notebooks and pencils are provided when needed. Books are not needed in class. Your teacher will provide you with everything you need. Your teacher can recommend some books for outside purchase.

The homestay is NOT closed on legal holidays. These are normal days.

Travel insurance is not obliged but very recommended. Often you can have this included in your Credit card insurance. If you don’t have Travel Insurance, and you want to take one for your homestay, our partner ACS travel insurance can provide you with one at the best price and service ACS

Yes ! Feel free to check our free ressources here

If you have chosen to stay alone, then yes you will be the only student.

You can come just you, with family or with friends!

An activity is a privileged moment with your teacher who will guide you to visit the region or to do an activity (sport, art, tasting you choose! ) and with him/her you will be able to practice your oral French and improve your fluency!

Find here all the useful tips to prepare you for your stay in France to speak French.

we also offer online courses to prepare your stay with our teacher.

We have written an article that will answer all your questions about whether immersion is for you!

Our unique method will allow you to progress rapidly in French, the courses are tailor-made and structured. S.L.Immersion pedagogical tools are used by the teachers to offer you the best learning experience.

You choose, our stays are made to measure and adapted to your needs. If you wish to have free time during your stay, tell us and we will build your program!



Any other questions?