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Are you looking for resources to learn French? Want to learn while having fun? We know that learning a language can be a daunting task. That is why at S.L. Immersion we want to make it easier for you with our list of free online resources for learning French.

Whether you want to start learning French online or use it as a complement to your classes, these resources are designed to improve and deepen your French language learning. In addition, these resources are interesting and fun, which is always helpful for anyone who is learning a new language.


Expand your knowledge

On this page, you will find all kinds of resources to expand your knowledge, from games, songs to podcasts or an episode of a French series, a movie or a famous French TV show. These resources are perfect for strengthening your French language skills.

Learning grammar or vocabulary will no longer be boring. With this interactive language learning method, you can practice how, when and where you want. It’s an ideal way to improve your skills in areas that are more difficult for you. For example, if you want to improve vocabulary, what better way than to watch a French movie with subtitles.


Whether you want to improve your French or start learning the language on your own at home, these free French language online resources will help you achieve your goals. No matter what your current level is, whether you are just starting out or are at a more advanced level, the resources we provide are scalable and are designed for all levels and ages.

In addition, it has been proven that students who learn interactively and playfully learn at a much higher rate. So don’t wait any longer and browse this page to find the most suitable resources for your level.