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Online French Immersion

Can’t you come to France right now? France goes to your home.
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Enjoy 1 month of online immersion classes with:


  • (At least) 2 sessions/ week of French conversation, virtual immersion with one of our teacher (total 8 sessions)
  • 15 min daily lesson to practice French vocabulary, grammar, via story telling and exercises.
  • Total 400€/month


You may hire additional virtual lessons at any time.


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Learn French with Frantastique and S.L. Immersion




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If you’ve arrived at this page, you probably already know Frantastique, one of the most popular online French courses.

Frantastique is a great starting point for you to learn French in a fun way. With S.L. Immersion’s one-to-one classes, you will be able to complement what you learn with Frantastique, improving your knowledge of the language as a whole, especially your pronunciation.

Learning the French language in an authentic and live French-speaking environment is one of the best ways to improve your French language, while simultaneously enjoying a holiday experience in the most beautiful locations of France.


8 virtual French immersion sessions = 400€




Afterwards, you will be able to purchase a subscription with a 30% discount on the 6 months program.



Our method in 4 steps


Test your French


1 – Test your French:

We will contact you for a first level test and an interview, in which we will tailor the program that best suits your profile and your expectations.

Prepare before each lesson


2 – Prepare:

Before each lesson, you’ll receive some documents to prepare for the lesson. Interesting learning materials with subjects like “Café/ apéro conversation”, “Ciné Echanges”, Immersion en cuisine, “Visite Patrimoine”, and much more.


Virtual classroom


3 – Enjoy:

On the day and time that suits you best, you will have a 1-hour virtual class with one of our teachers in France, totally adapted to you. More than a class, you will be able to LIVE for a few moments with your teacher.

Progress with SLImmersion


4 – Remember:

After each class you will receive a personalized report with your progress and homework assignments until the next lesson, to strengthen what you have learned. With this, you will have a roadmap of your learning that will help you reach your goals more quickly.


Get started


Just fill out the form below. We will contact you for a first interview, in which we will assign you the teacher that best suits your profile and your schedule.