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If you want to improve your French because you love the language, because you want to stay in France or simply because you need it for your work, we offer tailor-made French courses with a native, experienced and qualified French professor. Our professors will be happy to accompany you in the acquisition of the French language to master it better, to improve your oral fluency and to discover or deepen your knowledge of the French culture.


Personalised learning of the French language


Thanks to the assessment test and the interview with your teacher, we will set up personalised courses which will be adapted to your level of French. Our authentic and immersive conversation courses will allow you to gain confidence and strengthen your understanding in a fun and intuitive way. Your oral fluency will be facilitated to help you speak without embarrassment and with the utmost confidence.


This progress in the French language will be based on the discovery of French culture. Indeed, educational material related to French customs and traditions will be made available to you to help you experience the French language. Depending on your tastes and passions, we can help you discover the French language through press articles, songs, videos or historical documents. But that’s not all, to stimulate your use of the language, throughout your programme, you will receive useful homework to reinforce or work on the grammar and conjugation points necessary for a good mastery of the French language.


Taking a little bit of France home with you.


Taking a little bit of France home with you


This will not be a simple course, it will be immersion. In other words, you will live the French language! Using our educational resources, you will discover all the riches of French culture. Thanks to the “café apéro” theme, you will learn all the secrets of French life. You will taste our gastronomy with the workshop “immersion en cuisine” and you will dive into the French 7th art with the workshop “ciné échange”. But that’s not all, there are plenty of other themes available to suit your tastes such as history, literature or French architectural heritage. Each lesson will be an opportunity for you to discover a part of what France is. All this in a fun and efficient way!


So, do you want to improve your French through conversation classes? Book your course with us, we are waiting for you!




Online French Immersion

Can’t you come to France right now? France goes to your home.

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Online French Immersion

Can’t you come to France right now? France goes to your home.

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