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Personalized classes for toddlers and older children.

Fun French For Children


Your children will learn while having fun with the help of their private teacher. Our online classes offer the same excellence as our homestays. We support your children in their progression in French with our creative and playful approach.


Classes for the youngest ones are a playful discovery of the French language through songs, stories, artistic and artisanal activities, and games in a fun and supportive environment. At this age, children are encouraged to learn through creativity. These classes focus on a multi-sensorial approach, nurturing the children’s curiosity about their learning environment and the French language. For the younger children, parents are invited to participate in the classes if they wish.

A great opportunity for quality time with your loved ones!



French for parents + children


French for parents + children


With our multi-sensorial approach, the classes for older children develop their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills and introduce them to French culture and people. The beginning of their journey as citizens of the world!


Listen to the voice of Bénédicte, professor at S.L.Immersion that talk us about her classes with Leo, 10 years old


“It is a pleasure to teach French to a child. With a good dose of creativity, a library of games and activities, the online course is active and productive.

I always speak in French and I am very expressive!

Each online lesson is a new adventure to discover: a new vocabulary, a grammar rule, or a cultural aspect of French.

The lesson is varied. The child is not passive in front of the screen: I ask him/ her to move, listen, write or sing.”


How does it work? Here is an example.


Bonjour Léo, aujourd’hui nous allons faire un peu de sport. Je vois que tu as mis tes baskets et ton t-shirt comme je t’avais demandé. Regarde, moi aussi je suis en tenue de sport.

Fais comme moi et répète après moi : je saute, je marche, je tombe, je cours.

Maintenant, c’est toi qui dis ce que nous devons faire : à toi.

Ouf, je suis fatiguée… regarde les dessins , on lit ensemble : sauter : je saute marcher : je marche.

A présent, le moment du jeu : le pendu. S—-r…

Pour terminer, on va chanter la chanson du sportif : sauter, lundi je saute ; marcher, mardi je marche ; mercredi…



Learn French online Children


In this way, Léo has learned playfully: infinitive verbs, the start of conjugation, the alphabet, the days of the week having a real memory of this moment in front of a screen!

Creating concrete situations (sports outfit), calling him to participate in the exercise (for you to say if we have to walk or jump), the children recognize a real situation of life and participate actively in the lesson. This time of learning becomes a “not to be missed” event.


Learn French online happy Children


I have been teaching children between the ages of 5 and 14 for many years, adapting each lesson to their personality and level. The goal is to reach the objectives set in the French training program.


So, do you want to try? Book your class with me, I’m waiting for you!


Best Regards, Bénédicte



Online French Immersion

Can’t you come to France right now? France goes to your home.

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Online French Immersion

Can’t you come to France right now? France goes to your home.

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