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Becky’s French homestay immersion experience in France

Becky’s French homestay immersion experience in France


Many people often wonder what a language immersion experience in France with S.L.Immersion is like. It is difficult to answer precisely, because each stay is customized to each student, and France offers endless possibilities for learning and fun.

To give you an idea of all those possibilities, we asked a student who recently stayed with us to tell us what she enjoyed most about her trip.

Becky Cintra is a retired children’s book author from Canada, who enjoyed a French immersion course with Claude in Paris last March. Becky loves gardening, reading, yoga, hiking, therapeutic horseback riding for children, and is concerned about environmental issues. She has hit it off with Claude and his family instantly. Together they have enjoyed interesting sites in Paris and activities at Claude’s home.

Becky Cintra, Paris immersion 6
Becky Cintra, Paris immersion 5



  • The exhibition on Proust at the Carnavalet Museum.
  • The Marozov collection at La Foundation Vuitton.
  • Walking with Claude in the Marais.
  • The Garden of the Royal Palace.
  • Eating calf’s head, brains, ox’s tongue and snails.
  • The Tuileries Garden.
  • The sculptures at the Rodin Museum.
  • Playing “scrabble” in French.
  • The Little Prince exhibition at the Museum of Decorative Arts.
  • The magnificent paintings at the Musée d’Orsay.
  • Having hot chocolate on a terrace with Claude.
  • Walking in the Bois de Bologne.
  • The Sunday and Tuesday markets.
  • The charming store with buttons, ribbons and wool.
  • The Vivienne Gallery.
  • Walking on the Left Bank and looking at old books in the bookshops.
  • The Luxembourg Garden.
  • Discussing philosophy, religion, books, our families with Claude.
  • Discussing writing with Jean-Paul.
  • Eating baguettes and delicious cheese.
  • Going to the bakery with Claude.
  • The Orangery Museum.
  • Having the pleasure of having dinner twice with Arnaud.
  • To meet Susan.
  • The House of Balzac.
  • Victor Hugo’s house.
  • A walk in Auteuil with Claude.
  • Learning so many fascinating things about the history and architecture of Paris from my amazing guide Claude!
  • Looking at pictures of little Nils!
  • Watching Hercule Poirot in French.
  • Watching the presidential elections on TV.
  • Take a Parisian bus.
  • Take the metro.
  • Sleep very well in the nice room!
  • Feeling so welcome at Claude and Jean-Paul’s house!


As you see, not everything in Paris is history and glamour. Enjoying the simple things in life in an authentic French immersion with a native teacher also brings us a unique experience that we will remember forever, and will help us learn French in the fastest way possible.

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Becky Cintra, Paris immersion 2
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Live an Epic French Immersion in France

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