Learn French with Alexa and S.L. Immersion

Learn French with Alexa and S.L. Immersion

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If you’ve arrived at this page, you probably already know Learn French with Alexa, one of YouTube’s most popular channels for learning French online, with almost 900k subscribers, and counting!

The Learn French with Alexa channel is a great starting point for you to learn French in a fun way. For those of you wanting to take your French to the next level, Alexa also offers a complete online course to help you go from level A0 to C2.

LFWA has partnered with S.L. Immersion to offer her students one-to-one virtual French Immersion classes along with her online courses. The one-to-one French Immersion classes can also be enjoyed by those not enrolled on the LFWA course.

4 virtual French immersion sessions = 400€

+ a one-month FREE trial to LFWA online subscription course.

Afterwards, you will be able to purchase a subscription with a 10% discount. The discount code will be given to you after purchasing your one-to-one lessons.

Learn French with Alexa

Our method in 4 steps

Test your French

1 – Test your French: We will contact you for a first level test and an interview, in which we will tailor the program that best suits your profile and your expectations.


2 – Prepare: Before each lesson, you’ll receive some documents to prepare for the lesson. Interesting learning materials with subjects like “Café/ apéro conversation”, “Ciné Echanges”, Immersion en cuisine, “Visite Patrimoine”, and much more.


3 – Enjoy: On the day and time that suits you best, you will have a 1-hour virtual class with one of our teachers in France, totally adapted to you. More than a class, you will be able to LIVE for a few moments with your teacher.


4 – Remember: After each class you will receive a personalized report with your progress and homework assignments until the next lesson, to strengthen what you have learned. With this, you will have a roadmap of your learning that will help you reach your goals more quickly.

Get started

Just fill out the form below. We will contact you for a first interview, in which we will assign you the teacher that best suits your profile and your schedule.