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Come and enjoy an authentic experience in Morocco

Morocco boasts a captivating historical and cultural heritage that attracts visitors from all over the world. Each place has a rich and captivating history, from labyrinthine medinas to sumptuous palaces and bustling souks.
Beyond its places, Morocco is a country known for its varied and tasty cuisine. Emblematic Moroccan dishes, such as couscous, tajine, pastillas and many others, seduce the palate.

Connaissez-vous le Maroc au-delà de la surface ?

There are so many treasures to discover that you’ll need several visits to explore everything this magnificent destination has to offer.
When you travel as a tourist, you won’t always be able to enjoy all the authentic aspects of Moroccan life. Befriend the locals and discover the real Moroccan culture. These encounters will offer you unique experiences, whether in the bustling medinas, the traditional souks or at the heart of the local culture.

Experience your unique immersion program and build friendships with your language exchange partner. Book your stay to experience life in Morocco with your host. You’ll discover the true essence of Moroccan life, sharing authentic moments and common passions while exploring the hidden treasures of this magnificent country.

We offer you an authentic experience, punctuated by unforgettable moments, creating for you a stay personalized to your expectations and needs. Get ready to live like Moroccans: explore local markets, learn new recipes and share them with your family back home. Get ready to fully immerse yourself in Moroccan culture, whether it’s a stay with your teacher or a hands-on experience with the locals.



Living and studying French at the teacher’s home in Morocco

Learn French and improve your oral fluency with a language course at a teacher’s home in Morocco.

NormandyYou’ll receive a warm welcome from your teacher as soon as you arrive in Morocco. The mornings will be devoted to private lessons to improve your understanding of French, but that’s not all! You’ll have the opportunity to practice the language while preparing and eating meals, in a friendly and authentic environment. This linguistic immersion will make you feel more at ease in French conversations and help you improve your oral fluency.
If you think that’s enough, we can offer you an even more enriching experience! Discover authentic Morocco by going beyond the tourist routes. Your teacher will guide you through a complete immersion according to your preferences and interests, exploring local cuisine, fashion and cultural sites while enjoying the country’s pleasant climate.

NormandyMorocco is one of North Africa’s most famous destinations, with a multitude of interesting things to do. Explore renowned historical and artistic sites and immerse yourself in a rich cultural scene during your stay with your teacher. Visit places like the medinas, the Bird Park, the Green Theater and many more. Immerse yourself in Morocco’s exceptional heritage.

Throughout your stay, your teacher will guide you to cultural activities and window shopping in authentic places. Visit charming local markets, enjoy artisanal products and immerse yourself in the authentic atmosphere of Norman stores. Take long walks to discover the local architecture, from the charming cobbled streets of historic towns to the majestic castles scattered across the countryside.

Your teacher will suggest a variety of cultural activities during your stay, as well as shopping sprees in iconic places such as traditional souks or local craft stores. You’ll have the chance to take long walks and discover Morocco’s unique architecture.

Experience a quieter way of life, close to nature and rich in history. Your teacher will be your personal guide, taking you to emblematic places such as Taghazout and Agadir, with their artisan markets, lively squares, historic monuments and charming little streets.

For art lovers, your teacher will guide you in discovering Moroccan artistic expression by visiting local galleries, touring districts devoted to crafts, and meeting contemporary Moroccan artists.

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