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Learn French? Yes, but how?

Learn French? Yes, but how?

Here are 10 tips to learn French fast

1. A little bit, yes! But EVERY DAY!
Practice regularly is the best way to … learn!
Beware the excuse “I have not got time”!
10 minutes are ALWAYS easy to find.
Choose the right time with calm and concentration!

2. A song?
When you do not feel “available”
(tiredness, lack of concentration, ambiance, etc.),
take a break and treat yourself to a song in French!

3. Sentences
Do not leave words on their own, learn to link them together. Play with them!
No verb without its complement, no noun without an adjective.
Always prefer groups of words, then sentences, to words on their own.

4. Reading 
Read French texts, starting with the very simplest, then advancing gradually. But read REGULARLY!

5. Read out loud
ALWAYS get used to associating written to spoken, spoken to written.
Always read aloud, write down what you hear whenever you can.

6. French speakers!
Find French-speaking conversation partners! The “must”? Learn French in France with teachers who invite you into their homes!

7. Practice grammar
Get used to always saying a sentence in TWO WAYS AT LEAST; change the personal pronouns (I, you, we …); change the tense of verbs (today, tomorrow, yesterday …); alternate positive/negative, singular/plural, feminine/masculine, etc. Play with French!

8. A little + a little + a little = a lot
Recognise that you are progressing, step by step!
No one knows a language perfectly, whatever it might be.
Better to know a little than none at all!

9. Speak
Speak, speak, always without hang-up! Do not be afraid of making mistakes!
Always ask your conversation partner to correct you, thanking them for it. If you do not have anyone to speak French with, then speak on your own … it works! I tried

10. A foreign language is a country to discover
Increase your forms of contact with French, via radio, conversations, books, films, songs, television, poetry, newspapers, etc. And do not forget that an immersion stay at a teacher’s house is by far the most effective because you are living with a teacher, learning French and about French culture in everyday life.

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