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18 November 2017

Do you want to learn French by this method already successful in Canada?


You are welcome at SL Immersion Belvedere. The AIM approach is effective and fun:
For the teacher a bit of theatre, flexibility and a lot of attention: for the pupil a good focus and guidance through the hands of the teacher.

Plenty of energy and trust built up between teacher and pupil.
Here is what I offer using the AIM method from Canada.

No book, no paper and pencil, just follow the teacher’s hands. You will be able to say French phrases perfectly without effort, right from the first lesson.
It is like the language of the deaf and dumb. The teacher guides the order of the words and the grammar: you just follow the gestures of the teacher.

It is a routine which becomes automatic. The teacher guides the student verbally, pointing out rules of grammar by clear signals: the “r” of the infinitive, the “s or x” of the plural, the feminine and the masculine etc.

The difference between oral and written French is very large. It is difficult to learn but, using this method, French becomes a living language which is exciting to learn.
Tangible vocabulary (a table, a house), emotions (happy, sad) and grammar (I eat, I ate), everything is learned through a series of copied gestures.

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