Cultural Immersion Home Stay in Montpellier

Cultural Immersion Home Stay in Montpellier

We want your expectations of a homestay to come true!

The course will be arranged to suit your level and, most importantly, your objectives and wishes. The course will be customised for you.

Some students want to focus on phonetics to maintain the flow of a conversation. Actually, moving from written to spoken French is not straightforward because French is not always written as it is spoken and vice versa.

“When you spend a week at your teacher’s house, you will be immersing yourself in the life of a French family.”

Immersion courses at the teacher's residence

We will talk about culture, heritage, geography, business … everything depends on your particular interests.There is always a story to tell you about the history of our region or its origin. Meanwhile, your teacher will monitor your understanding and use these conversations to illustrate or go back over a grammar point previously covered in lessons.

French immersion near Montpellier

Do you want to practice your French and improve it? Do you want to discover genuine French culture?

Don’t delay! Come and spend a few days at your teacher’s house living the life of a French family anchored in tradition (pace of life and meals French-style) whilst being flexible to suit your needs.

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