Immersion Linguistic Stay in Montpellier with Anne-Elisabeth

Immersion Linguistic Stay in Montpellier with Anne-Elisabeth

We want your expectations of a homestay to come true! You can ask me any questions you wish about my family, the house, the activities and, naturally, the course itself.

Before you come, we will communicate by email, Skype or WhatsApp.

The course will be arranged to suit your level and, most importantly, your objectives and wishes. The course will be customised for you.

Some students ask me to focus on phonetics to maintain the flow of a conversation. Actually, moving from written to spoken French is not straightforward because French is not always written as it is spoken and vice versa.

On your arrival, after a moment to rest, quench your thirst and have a snack if you wish, we will review the schedule that I will have prepared: lesson timetable, activities, meals …

Then, you can take your time to reflect so that the schedule can be updated on Sunday to reflect your preferences for the stay.

“When you spend a week at my house, you will be immersing yourself in the life of a French family.”

Anne Elizabeth and student

I am married with 3 children. You will meet my daughter and my husband, who live at my house, and perhaps my second son who returns at weekends. Perhaps you will also see my oldest son.

My husband Michel works in Montpellier but he has travelled a lot and still goes abroad regularly. We both like meeting people so our table is a rich forum for conversations. When you are here, we will talk about everything. It could be about French wines of the region which you taste or about cooking when you taste my ratatouille or local specialities, such as “tielle sétoise” (small pie filled with octopus).

We will talk about culture, heritage, geography, business … everything depends on your particular interests. Michel will always have a story to tell you about the history of our region or its origin. Meanwhile, I will monitor your understanding and use these conversations to illustrate or go back over a grammar point previously covered in lessons.

When Kristina and Lukas came, it was not really holiday time for them. So we adapted the schedule to suit the needs of their work activities (conference calls, teleconferences, etc.). That was not a problem: we adapted the schedule together. For example, the trip to St Guilhem-le-Désert on Thursday afternoon was moved to the morning, so that Kristina could make her conference call in the afternoon. It was important that their stay, whilst intensive, was also recreational. On some evenings we explored the southern ambiance of Montepellier and its squares, or enjoyed swimming in the sea.

Immersion Linguistic Stay in Montpellier with Anne-Elisabeth

For Anna and Amy, it was different. They came to learn French for pleasure. Therefore they had time to stroll around Montpellier, to absorb its ambiance while tasting an ice cream at an outside café on a shaded square, to go to concerts here or there and to marvel at photographs or paintings at this or that exhibition. Montpellier is a world-class cultural city where many festivals are held each year.

Anne Elizabeth Linguistic Stay in Montpellier

When you come, I will provide you with all the information you need to organize your activities.

Sometimes when I am cooking, a student wants to know the recipe. As food is important to me, you will have the opportunity to learn how to cook healthily or, if you want to, to “get your hands dirty” (“de mettre la main à la pâte” in French). That is a very explicit French expression! By the way, the main meal together can be taken at midday or in the evening as you prefer.

You will be staying in a warm, open household. I want you to feel good here. To do that, it is important that I take your wishes into account so you feel at ease. Like my other students, I hope that you will feel relaxed and integrated in the family. Michaela from the U.S. gave the following feedback on her stay: “…Thanks for all the help navigating through France and for all of the dinners and for being so warm and welcoming…”. Kristina (July 2018) said “Thank you so much for a super week! We loved our lessons, all the activities and trips, and the meals the your kind family.”.

Anne Elizabeth excursions in Montpellier

Do you want to practice your French and improve it? Do you want to discover genuine French culture?

Don’t delay! Come and spend a few days at my house living the life of a French family anchored in tradition (pace of life and meals French-style) whilst being flexible to suit your needs.

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