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Music and Menhirs in the Heart of Brittany

Music and Menhirs in the Heart of Brittany


Did you know that you can also learn French through songs? But also in the footsteps of our ancestors? The advantage of immersion stays lies in the opportunity to offer tailor-made courses to students. Perfect your knowledge while discovering the French heritage.


Bruce in the heart of brittany
So, when Bruce came from New Mexico to our home in Pont-Scorff, Morbihan, we took the opportunity to explore new areas for him. Of his stay, I particularly remember a beautiful sunny day in early autumn. Like every morning, we drew strength from a filling breakfast while listening to folk-bluegrass from Canada. It was a little game that had been established between us over the days: to make each other discover music groups from all over the world when we woke up. It was an educational game as I had fun testing my guest’s musical culture with a quiz in French.


That day, we began French class in the library with explanations of Notre Dame of Paris. Bruce had started reading a short version of Victor Hugo’s novel. He had underlined sentences or words that were causing him problems. Once the problems were solved, I went on to songs from the musical of the same name by Luc Plamondon. Belle, Le Temps des Cathédrales, Bohémienne, Déchirée…

French class with Bruce


We went through several key songs aiming at his oral comprehension. Not an easy task, but Bruce does it quite well. He catches the words on the fly, grasps the choruses… At the end of the listening, we resumed with the reading of the written lyrics and discussions around the novel: the character of the Gypsy girl in the novels of the middle of the 19th century, religion and love, the physical monster and purity… The themes are not lacking and become so many pretexts for exciting exchanges. Always in French, of course! The three hours of the class passed by and the break was soon over.


Megaliths from the Neolithic era


In the afternoon, we headed for Carnac. The seaside resort of the bay of Quiberon, famous for its large beaches attracting many tourists in summer, is also famous for its alignments of megaliths from the Neolithic era. At that time, the site is freely accessible and we found ourselves wandering on one of the main alignments, that of Ménec. The 1099 menhirs are aligned on a dozen rows. Walking along the long lines of these blocks of different heights, we discussed the whys and wherefores of these imposing pieces of granite, extracted and carved on the spot.

Music and Menhirs in the Heart of Brittany


They measure between 50 cm and more than 6 meters. The place turns out to be very strange and conducive to reflection. What meaning can be given to these sets that evoke our modern cemeteries?


French immersion homestay in Brittany


After reading the tourist guide, taking several photographs, and talking to each other, we decided to go for the hypothesis of a place of worship commemorating the dead, but without preserving the bones. With our feet in the tall grass, we wandered for a long time, trying to imagine those who preceded us 6.000 years ago. It was thus rather dreamy that we reached the port of Vannes to share a glass of friendship and exchange our impressions of the day. Images and songs filled our heads. All the pleasure of a day where work competes with enrichment.


French immersion homestay in Brittany


All the beauty of a stay in immersion. And so many other treasures to discover for our next visitors.


French immersion homestay in Brittany, France

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