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Bellefont near Cahors, Occitanie – Teacher Emmanuel

Listing Description

Improve your fluency in French with Emmanuel and discover French culture in Cahors, Occitanie.


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Private Bathroom, full board

Package All inclusive for one week

  • Level test
  • 15 Hours of personalized lessons
  • Around 20 hours of French conversation/practice during meals and activities
  • 3 activities with guided conversations
  • Breakfast with guided conversations
  • Lunch and dinner with guided conversations
  • Comfortable accommodation with a private bathroom

Discover the enchanting allure of Cahors and its surrounding territory, where historic charm meets the picturesque landscapes of the Lot River. Discover the rich tapestry of vineyards, medieval architecture, and vibrant markets that define this hidden gem.

Meet our Franco-American family, Emmanuel, Anna, and our son Jimmy. We are devoted to immersing you in the rich French traditions, local gastronomy, and vibrant culture. As experienced language coaches, we personalize your stay to make it an unforgettable learning journey.

Welcome to our little corner of paradise nestled in the countryside 15 minutes from Cahors. Our home, with a spectacular view of the rolling hills, invites you to explore the French way of life, turning every moment into a chance to create memories.


Emmanuel - House

At our place, language immersion goes far beyond a simple learning method; it’s a human and enriching experience, centered on the art of conversation. Come and join us on this adventure, where language learning takes place naturally in total immersion, with French culture as a backdrop. You’ll stay in a light-filled room equipped with a comfortable queen-size bed, desk, computer and private bathroom with walk-in shower.

Relax by the pool or in a hammock under the trees. As your immersive experience unfolds, we look forward to sharing convivial conversations with you over meals on our terrace, in our veranda or at our family table.

We constantly create optimal conditions for your comfort and learning success. Discover French culture through music, films and our passion for gardening, all enhanced by game nights and culinary challenges using fresh produce from our kitchen garden.

Emmanuel, Cahors

After years of searching, we found our piece of paradise – a charming French B&B near Cahors, ideal for offering a unique language immersion experience. With degrees in French as a Foreign Language (FLE) and English, Emmanuel, with over 25 years experience, and Anna, after nearly 20 years as an engineer, join forces in this adventure. We passionately share our enthusiasm for coaching, languages, culture, neuroscience and personal development.

We enthusiastically share our dedication to coaching, languages, culture, neurosciences, and personal development.

For over 25 years, Emmanuel has fostered an insatiable passion for language coaching and intercultural guidance. He has collaborated with corporate executives, expatriates from around the globe, their families, as well as individuals in the tourism and sports sectors. In 2023, Anna joined this journey as a language coach, after almost 20 year in France working as an engineer in French companies. We have now united our strengths in this entrepreneural venture.



We take pride in being part of a global network of over 1000 Neurolanguage Coaches®, specialized in language learning. Leveraging the Neurolanguage Coaching® method developed by Rachel Paling, we blend our expertise and experiences from the realms of business, tourism, and sports to craft specialized coaching programs.

Drawing from neuroscience insights, we understand that contextual learning is among the most effective methods for language acquisition. Hence, we integrate everyday life situations to enhance your knowledge and confidence in the French language. During our coaching sessions, we provide explanations, reinforcement, and comprehensive understanding.

Recognizing that motivation is pivotal to success, we tailor our conversations and activities to align with your learning style, interests, and objectives. Our role is to guide you, fostering an environment where you can gain confidence in your French.


Immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscapes with visits, walks, hikes, canoeing, kayaking, or biking along the picturesque Lot and Dodogne rivers or through charming villages in the Causses de Quercy. Delight your senses with visits to local wine producers, goat cheese artisans, and foie gras farms.

Cahors and Pont Valentré: We will be your companions as we stroll through the enchanting streets of Cahors, introducing you to its rich history and architectural wonders such as the Saint Etienne Cathedral. Our journey will lead us to the iconic Pont Valentré, where medieval charm and tales of centuries past come to life.

Chemin de Halage and Saint Cirq Lapopie:
Join us on the Chemin de Halage, whether by foot or boat, as we unveil the scenic beauty and cultural significance of this historical route. Our exploration continues to the charming Saint Cirq Lapopie, where every step reveals architectural marvels and a cultural tapestry that stretches across time.

Vineyard Tour and Wine Tasting: Embark on a personalized vineyard tour and wine tasting experience with us. We’ll introduce you to the secrets of winemaking at a local producer’s estate, where each sip tells a story of the region’s terroir and the dedication of its winemakers.

Pech Merle: Discover the mesmerizing depths of Pech Merle. Explore ancient caves adorned with prehistoric paintings, as we unravel the mysteries of our human history together, creating a connection with the profound artistry of our ancestors.

Walks, Hikes, Biking, or Canoeing along the Lot River, the Dodogne River, the Célé, and Causses de Quercy: Let us guide you through the diverse landscapes along the Lot River and the Causses de Quercy. Whether it’s a leisurely walk, an invigorating hike, a scenic bike ride, or a tranquil canoeing experience, we’ll uncover hidden villages, sumptuous street markets, extraordinary viewpoints, abandoned Cazelles, and ancient rock walls, making every adventure a discovery of the region’s unique charm.

And so many more activities to enjoy … in French: Stargazing … enjoying the gorgeous sunsets … visits to castles, museums, parks … meeting the locals … enjoying a French pastry and coffee at a local book café … there are so many possibilities !!


Price Info
Price per guest: 155 €
Sleeping Situation
Bedroom 1
1 Queen Bed
Address: Exact location information is provided after a booking is confirmed.
City: Bellefont
State: Lot
Zip: 46090
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1
Property Type: House
Room Types: Double
Private Bathroom: Yes
Catering: Full board
Host: Family with kids
Host Pets: Cats
City Type: Village, Countryside
Pets Allowed: No
Nearest Airport (pick Up May Have Fees, Please Contact Us): Toulouse
Nearest Train Station (pick Up May Have Fees, Please Contact Us): Cahors
Smoking Allowed: No
Guests Allowed: Single (indistinct), Couple
Minimum Age: 18
Minutes Of Classes Per Day: 120
Types Of Courses: General French, Professional, Teachers, Online
Extra Activities: yes
Teacher’s Accreditations: Master in teaching French for foreigners
Other Features


March 2024
April 2024
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