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Come and enjoy an authentic experience in the Ardèche

The Ardèche region is renowned for its authentic cuisine, offering a variety of unforgettable flavors. Traditional dishes include caillette, chestnut cream and Picodon, a delicious goat’s cheese. The Ardèche also refers to its remarkable natural heritage, which includes gorges, impressive rock structures and vast green areas.

There are so many wonders in this region that you’ll need to return several times to explore all it has to offer.

When traveling as a tourist, discovering the authentic aspects of Ardèche life can be difficult because it’s such a secretive region. It’s possible to explore the Ardèche by connecting with the locals, allowing you to discover the very essence of the region. By spending time with the locals, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the local culture, discover little-known places and fully appreciate the beauty of the Ardèche..

Book your stay to discover the authentic life of the Ardèche people. Bond with your language exchange partner and experience your unique immersion program. You’ll have the chance to live with your Ardèche host while sharing your passions and hobbies. In the Ardèche, discover the region’s natural beauty and hidden spots, enjoy lively local markets and take in the warmth of life.

To provide you with an authentic experience and unforgettable memories, we create a stay in the Ardèche that’s tailor-made for you. Get ready to experience life the way the Ardéchois do: strolling through the local markets and selecting your fresh produce, heading to the bakery to enjoy a delicious viennoiserie in the morning, discovering iconic new recipes and preparing them for your family once you’re home. Whether you opt for a hands-on experience with the locals or an immersion stay with a teacher, total immersion in Ardèche life is yours to discover the region’s richness.

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Living and studying French at the teacher’s home in Ardèche

Learn French and improve your oral fluency with a language stay at a teacher’s home in the Ardèche.

During your stay in the Ardèche, your teacher will give you a warm welcome as soon as you arrive. Mornings will be devoted to private lessons to help you improve your French, but the experience continues! What’s more, you’ll have the chance to practice the French language while preparing and eating meals, in a warm and authentic setting. This language immersion will help you develop your oral fluency and gain confidence in your French conversations.

We offer you an enriching experience! You’ll discover the real Ardèche as if you were living there. Your teacher will lead you through a complete immersion in Ardèche culture, according to your expectations and interests. Discover Ardèche activities, savor its delicious dishes and discover its hidden treasures. To fully immerse yourself in the richness of this magnificent region, a personalized experience awaits you.

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The Ardèche is one of France’s most authentic destinations, with a wealth of riches to explore. Immerse yourself in the vibrant cultural scene by exploring local artistic treasures, from art galleries to artists’ studios, during your stay with your teacher. Fascinating exhibitions let you discover the creativity of the Ardèche. There are many historic sites in the Ardèche, from medieval castles to picturesque churches. The breathtaking natural landscapes that characterize this magnificent region of France offer a unique visual experience, as does the local architecture, which is steeped in history.

During your stay in the Ardèche, your teacher will suggest a variety of activities, from nature exploration and relaxation sessions to pétanque with the neighbors. What’s more, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy long walks exploring the region’s distinctive architecture, which includes charming villages, medieval churches and historic castles.

In the Ardèche, you can enjoy a more peaceful lifestyle, surrounded by nature. Your teacher will be your personal guide through unique experiences, such as exploring the charming alleyways of Burzet.

The town’s local boutiques, bustling market square, historic monuments and hidden alleyways reveal its mysterious charms. As well as exploring the towns, you can also immerse yourself in the nature of the Ardèche, with its lush green valleys, winding rivers and enchanting hiking trails, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the region’s natural beauty.

Our teachers welcome you at their home to learn French in Ardèche

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