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Learn French in a castle: Chateau de Rivaulde in Val de Loire

Learn French in a castle: Chateau de Rivaulde in Val de Loire


Val de Loire it’s the perfect destination for students ready for taking a French course in France! (right at the center of the country)

Live the French culture and lifestyle!

Val de Loire is one of the 13 regions conforming the French Republic. Its wonderful location, (right at the center of the country), and its breathtaking rural scenery altogether with urban areas make it the perfect destination for students ready for taking a French course in France and diving into French culture and lifestyle.

From a historical point of view, this region is tightly linked to the French monarchy since in 1428 they decided to settle up in Touraine. The already existing castles became royal households and the nobility decided to settle up in that area as well. Many castles were built on that purpose. The result was an impressive and Disney-like fairy tale region with surrounding forests and picturesque cities.

Forests and picturesque cities
Within one of theis astonishing green area (20-hectare park) and close to the charming town of Salbris, stands proudly the Chateau de Rivaulde (Castle of Rivaulde) an architectural jewel built in 1524 and rebuilt in 1902. Chateau de Rivaulde has the typical architectural elements of Sologne constructions (wood and brick) and it was home for the nobles and bourgeoisie for centuries. Declared a historic monument since 2006, this castle is one of the most beautiful of its kind.

Nowadays the castle is used for different purposes. One of them (luckily for French students) is the use of its large, dreamy apartments for French homestay immersion courses. Students who are interested in learning French the most personalized and fastest way possible find within this castle their best option. A certified, long-standing languages professional and teacher gives tailor-made lessons while assisting as a guide around the area to the student. If the popular saying that goes: “the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach” is true, then students surely fall in love with France, since one of the aims of the stay is for the student to taste the typical French cuisine, one of the best ranked in the world.

Immersion courses have largely proven to be one of the best methods in second languages learning due to the much more deeper contact with the target language and culture. Val de Loire offers advantages to French students compared to other regions in France. Since Val de Loire is a less populated and touristic area, students can be sure they’ll be communicating mainly in French, acquiring a better knowledge of French language. Furthermore, after the homestay immersion course, students receive a certificate of their French level they can bring home and which is highly valuable to their CV.

Since part of the project is also for the student to make the most of their free time and discover the real vie à la française, many cultural activities and tours are offered to the student. Val de Loire is extremely rich from the historical and cultural point of view. The student has the opportunity to visit accompanied by their teacher Chambord, the magnificent castle of King François 1st, one of the biggest and most impressive in France. Also the historical city of Orléans, where Joan of Arc lived and the city of Bourges and its wonderful cathedral, listed as UNESCO world heritage. On top of that, French students discover themselves enchanted with walks along the streets of the romantic city of Romorantin and other beautiful villages of the Sologne region.

Val de Loire is extremely beautiful and yet quite unknown region of France which more and more students every year decide to step into, and we don’t have any doubts why!

Would you like to learn French in a castle and in one of the most charming regions of France?


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Homestay French immersion course at the chateau de Rivaulde.

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