How to learn French efficiently without spending hours on grammar?

How to learn French efficiently without spending hours on grammar?

Some of you guys, have been asking me how to learn French efficiently without spending hours on grammar books or Apps.
Even if grammar is somehow important, because you need basics to make yourself understood, this is not enough to speak a language.

Learn French efficiently with a special and effective method

In this article you will learn how to minimise the time to spend on grammar and optimise your learning of the French language. I will tell you about a special and effective method that have been using in my courses with my students for a while now 🙂

French language as every language, has its own logic. To know the vocab and how to form sentences is the most important.
Rather than memorising words individually and out of context, I recommend to use this very effective and special technique called « sentence mine ».
If you google « sentence mining » you will find a huge community of sentence miners for many languages around the world.

What is sentence mining ?

You are learning list of sentences, with words put in context. Which context ? Yours, Evidemment ! When you will learn the sentences, you will learn about words meaning and also about : How to use them correctly, where to place them in a sentence, and consequently you will memorise the sentence’s structure.

Why does sentence mining work ?

This special technique works for many reasons.
First, the vocabulary is placed in context
Second, you will find nuances of using. To put in multiple social settings will help you to get more knowledge about the word.
Third, through memorising you are creating automatism that will REALLY HELP you to speak more fluently with local people because your brain will know where and how you can use the words.

Is this technic made for you?

This special and effective technique is for everyone!

How do i do a list of words in context?

1. Go to a ressource that can provide a supply of accurate sentences – many dictionaries offer that.
2. Select simple sentences that demonstrate the word’s meaning
3. Save them in your notebook
4. Look at them regularly
5. Read them loudly to make your eyes,hears and mouth working together and create full automatism.
6. Go to see our Instagram page where I post vocab in context 🙂