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Online French immersion courses

Online French immersion courses

However, due to the current global situation, our traditional French immersion courses will have to wait a little bit.

But don’t worry, we have come up with a new way of learning French for all!

Many of you are probably already familiar with the concept of French immersion courses. Immersion courses have largely proven to be the most effective method for second language learning. With our French immersion courses, students come to France to live at their teachers’ houses. Besides enjoying all the advantages of having a professional and native teacher focusing solely on their needs, students get to explore and delve into French culture and society.

Explore France

However, due to the current global situation, our traditional French immersion courses will have to wait a little bit. But don’t worry, we have come up with a new way of learning French for all of you who still want to learn this beautiful language and get closer to French culture from your own homes!

People are also quite familiar with online courses in general. And even more so these days. Despite all the convenience they offer, traditional online courses have a small drawback: they can become boring by always following the same formula, in which teacher and student(s) sit in front of the computer and share a screen while chatting via video conference. But what if we could combine all the advantages of online courses and French immersion? Welcome to our online French immersion courses.

With this new formula, while you will have grammar and conversation lessons typical of an online course, you will be able to “live” in the teacher’s house for a few hours per month. You’ll participate in one to one onversations about each other’s daily life, prepare a typical French meal together, watch the news on TV while learning new expressions, go out for a short walk in the city for activities that are currently allowed, play board games from a distance…

Nothing replaces the experience of living an immersion in a French city, enjoying the environment with the five senses. But while you wait for this opportunity, which will come very soon, you can experience part of the immersion from your home, with the same advantages of online courses in general, which is always good to remember.


Video conference

1. You can learn at your own pace

Ever felt whilst in traditional classroom classes that you were just one more in the crowd? That you had to adapt to the rhythm proposed by the teacher and your classmates’ rhythm? It is not unusual to find students that feel left behind in the classroom. Sometimes there is a school program the teacher has to meet and therefore, has to speed up the rhythm to achieve those results. But as we are all not the same, each of us has a different rhythm, pace, and speed. Feeling pressure in the classroom will only result in dissatisfaction and demotivation. With online courses, you can learn at your own pace without any pressure or demands.

2. Flexibility

During these days, many people are working from home while taking care of their families and everyday household chores. This means that even though many people are staying home, they still have many things to do and find it hard to set and specific time to study French. An important advantage of our online French immersion lessons is that students can organize the classes at their convenience. For 2 months, the standard package includes 15 min daily lessons (5 days a week) and one hour/week of conversation. But you can hire the number of lessons you want. French will adapt to you, and not the other way around!

3. Personalized curriculum

Some online French courses also offer students the possibility of focusing on the aspects of the language they need to reinforce the most. By focusing on their weak points and maximizing their learning opportunities, students obtain a personalized curriculum. Having a personalized curriculum is for sure a safe bet to make a difference in the professional and academic world.

Creative curriculum
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4. Keep yourself active

These days we may feel the need at times to just relax and watch the days passing by. And that is necessary and normal, but it is also important that we try to keep our brains active as much as we can. A wonderful thing to do that will keep us focused and productive is learning a second language.
The time you devote to learning French is a time in which your brain doesn’t think of anything else, and whatever the progress you make, you shall feel deeply satisfied you are progressing!


So, if you can’t come to France, France goes to your home!

Do you want to “live” the french language from home?

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