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8 reasons to take a French immersion course in Provence during the Spring

8 reasons to take a French immersion course in Provence during the Spring


There are several reasons to take a French course in Provence during the Spring. After reading this article you realize that you shouldn’t hesitate!

Provence is a mixture of the most beautiful colors. This historic and cultural region is located in the southeastern part of France and bordered by the blue Mediterranean sea in some of its southern beautiful cities. Its landscapes, light, and colors have made artists of such importance as Van Gogh, Cezanne or Picasso fell in love with Provence. And we don’t wonder why, it is one of the most marvelous and beautiful locations (and yet to some extent unexplored) in Europe. It is precisely during Spring when we can enjoy Provence and its charming towns to the fullest. If this was not enough, Provence is one of the best locations to study French in France. The language of love, already spoken by nearly 300 million speakers worldwide. French is a language with a bright future ahead, easy to learn for speakers of other languages with Latin origin. Present in three different continents, whether in America, Africa or Europe you’ll find opportunities to practice it.
One of the ways proven to be an efficient and the fastest way to learn a new language is through immersion courses. In the second language acquisition process, there are three key drivers coming into play: the motivation of the learner, social interaction, and quantity of input/output.
Being Spring a wonderful time of the year to visit Provence, immersion courses in Provence during Spring is an option chosen by many students every year.Immersion Provence Spring

Here are 8 reasons why:

1. During Spring:

poppies fields are in bloom, coloring the whole region with a precious red color. It is also the best season to taste cherries and the wonderful Fraises de Carpentras (strawberries) praised by the most famous chefs around the world. This perfect-looking strawberry has a sweet and delicious taste. By the end of June the red color changes to violet, when all the lavender fields reach their splendor. Thus, this is definitely a time of the year when French learners enjoy taking a stroll while smelling all the floral and fruity aromas and talking to locals.

2. The landscapes and nature

The medieval town of Les Baux de Provence that stands proudly on the heart of the Des Alpilles mountains, the old quarter Le Suquet in Cannes, The Palais des Papes (Papal Palace) in Avignon, the beautiful Calanques (coves) in Cassis, the gardens of Menton…and the list goes on and on. Provence has some of the most beautiful cities in France with impressive monuments and secret spots.

3. The weather

After the winter months, the Spring arises with its colors and warm temperatures, which make people feel the need to enjoy life in the outside. The climate in Provence is pleasant most of the year, but at this time of year it is a real pleasure to walk outdoors.

4. The festivities season

And then the warm weather comes, so do the festivities of the different towns. Roman games in Nimes, Transhumance festival in Saint Rémy, the Alterarosa exhibition in Avignon, are some of the many traditional festivities that take place during Spring.

5. The hospitality of the locals

Locals love receiving foreigners who want to talk to them and to appreciate their lifestyle, traditions and the beauty of the environment.

6. Local Markets

French cuisine is one of the best ranked in the entire world. And a wonderful place to taste all its delights is the Provence markets, set up once a week in each city and town of the region. A Provence market it’s not just a market, it’s a whole experience. Each stand is carefully and gently decorated and invites to please all of our senses. So much so they are considered part of the Provence Heritage and is a way for visitors to access to French culture and lifestyle. Hundreds of the most exquisite cheeses, the famous and refined wines, the fish from coastal areas or all the seasonal and tasty fruits and vegetables.
Provence HandcraftsIn addition to food products, in the local markets we can find a wide variety of local craft products that you will only find in that region. Ceramics, soaps, textiles, and other products that transmit that color and bond lightness by Provence.

7. Affordable prices

The high season is during summer, that’s why during Spring visitors are able to find affordable and comfortable places easily while enjoying a relaxed time with fewer tourists than in high season.

8. The sea

When the warm weather comes, the time to take the first swims in the Mediterranean sea arrives. The French Riviera is a destination chosen by many of the most recognized actors and artists worldwide. Montecarlo, Saint Tropez, Cannes, and Marseille are some of the most famous and yet beautiful.


Would you like to live the French language in Provence during the Spring?

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