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April Fool's Day

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April Fool’s Day is a tradition of playing jokes or pranks on friends and family on the first day of April. This tradition is popular in France and in many other countries.

In France, it is a habit to hang a paper fish on someone’s back, and when that person notices it says, “April fool!” This prank is mostly done by children, but remains very popular! You can also make up a fake news or story to trick someone orally or by message. The media and companies also have fun participating in this tradition by creating false advertisements or false information.

April Fool’s Day is a fun tradition to celebrate the arrival of spring and have a good time with family and friends.

If you are in France on April 1, be sure to participate in this tradition by playing a joke on your friends and family!

Historical point

The Julian calendar is an ancient Roman calendar introduced in 45 BC by Julius Caesar. It was used for several centuries in the Roman Empire and parts of Western Europe. The year ended on March 31.

The Julian calendar had 12 months, with a normal year of 365 days and a leap year of 366 days. The months were as follows:

  • Januarius (31 days)
  • Februarius (28 days, or 29 days in case of leap year)
  • Martius (31 days)
  • Aprilis (30 days)
  • Maius (31 days)
  • Junius (30 days)
  • Julius (31 days)
  • Augustus (31 days)
  • September (30 days)
  • October (31 days)
  • November (30 days)
  • December (31 days)
April fools day in France

It has been replaced by the Gregorian calendar. The Gregorian calendar is the most widely used civil calendar in the world today. It was introduced in 1582 by Pope Gregory XIII to replace the Julian calendar, which had accumulated errors over time.

The Gregorian calendar also has 12 months, but it has a normal year of 365 days and a leap year of 366 days, with more precise rules for determining leap years. The months are as follows in French : janvier, février, mars, avril, mai, juin, juillet, août, septembre, octobre, novembre, décembre.You will note that months in French are not usually capitalized, except when they begin a sentence.

The change of calendar in the 21st century was not appreciated by everyone. Since the year no longer ends on March 31 but on December 31, people decided on April 1 to make jokes to show their displeasure.


Do you know this sentence from Shakespeare? I find it very appropriate for April 1st 😉

Finally, I would like to share with you some jokes in French, do you understand them? Do they exist in your language? Which one do you prefer?

  • C’est l’histoire d’un pingouin qui respire par les fesses. Un jour, il s’assoit… et il meurt.
    (This is the story of a penguin who breathes through his butt. One day, he sits down… and dies.)
  • – Pourquoi Mickael va à la porte ?
    – Parce que Jack sonne.
    (Why does Michael go to the door? Because Jack is ringing.)
  • – Comment ramasse-t-on la papaye ?
    – Avec une foufourche !
    (How do you pick papaya? With a fofork!)
  • – Comment appelle-t-on une baguette qui ne trouve pas son chemin ?
    – Un pain perdu !
    (What do you call a baguette that can’t find its way? A lost bread!)
  • C’est l’histoire d’un putois qui rencontre un autre putois. Il lui dit : “Tu pues toi !”
    (This is the story of a skunk who meets another skunk. He says: “You stink!”)
  • – Que prend un éléphant dans un bar ?
    – Beaucoup de place.
    (What does an elephant take up in a bar? A lot of space.)
  • C’est l’histoire d’un têtard, il croyait qu’il était tôt, mais en fait, il était tard.
    (This is the story of a tadpole, he thought it was early, but in fact it was late.)
  • C’est l’histoire d’une mouette qui partage un gâteau. Du coup elle fait mouette mouette” (moitié – moitié- moit’-moit’ en français parlé).(It’s the story of a seagull that shares a cake. As a result, it makes half half)
  • – Quel est le comble pour un plombier ?
    – Que ses clients prennent la fuite.
    (What’s the worst thing about a plumber? That his customers take the leak.(run away)
  • -Quelle est la boisson préférée de Rihanna ?
    – Rhum Pomme Pomme Pomme
    (What is Rihanna’s favorite drink? Rum Apple Apple Apple)