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Festival "Textes en l'air", Saint Antoine de l’Abbaye

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“The world was this perpetual motion that depended on our posture. There were possibilities, many possibilities. And every action, every action, even the smallest, most insignificant ones, such as a rightly placed kiss, could make it tremble.” ~ Laetitia Ajanohun

From July 27 to 30, 2023, Saint-Antoine-l’Abbaye will vibrate to the sounds of words and notes.

Saint-Antoine-l’Abbaye is a commune located in the department of Isère in France. This village is classified since 2009 as the “Most beautiful village of France”.

Saint Antoine l’Abbaye

It is known for its historical and religious heritage, especially for its abbey which gave its name to the town.

Founded in the 11th century, the Abbey of St. Anthony was an important place of pilgrimage for people with incurable diseases. The monks of the abbey were renowned for their healing skills and many miracles were said to have been performed there.

Today, Saint-Antoine’s Abbey is a major tourist site in the region, attracting many visitors each year. The abbey church, the chapel of relics, the cloister, and the gardens are among the many attractions.

In addition to its religious heritage, Saint-Antoine-l’Abbaye also has a rich architectural and cultural heritage, with many old houses, cobbled streets, and lively squares. The town is also the scene of several cultural events, such as the Festival Textes en l’Air, which showcases the performing arts.

Saint Antoine l’Abbaye, 2

This festival aims to promote the performing arts, particularly theater, and poetry. For several days, artists of national and international renown perform in different places of the city, such as the abbey or the festival hall.

The Festival Textes en l’Air is also an opportunity for the inhabitants of Saint-Antoine-l’Abbaye and the surrounding towns to participate in workshops, meetings, and activities around the performing arts.

Each edition of the festival has a specific theme that guides the program and the activities offered. Previous editions have explored themes such as exile, utopia, and nature.

The Festival Textes en l’Air of Saint-Antoine-l’Abbaye is a cultural event not to be missed by all lovers of theater, concert, reading, poetry, and writing …

Saint Antoine l’Abbaye, 3

Lovers of texts and compositions will experience great moments of emotion, laughter, and wonderful encounters. The village will follow the rhythm of the artists. The improbable, essential, and unforgettable refreshment bar will allow you to exchange with the volunteers.

The artists and technicians are housed in the homes of residents, which creates a unique bond. Volunteers from Saint-Antoine help with the set-up, the organization, and the reception. And it ends on Sunday evening with a great party!

If you want to discover this village, learn French and share the local life, what better than a stay with your teacher Marianne.

Here is what Ashley said during her stay with Marianne and Olivier in Saint Antoine de l’Abbaye in March.

“I had a wonderful experience at Marianne’s! Marianne and Olivier were lovely. I learned a lot of French and Marianne is a wonderful and friendly teacher! The country near Saint Antoine l’Abbaye is really impressive, and the little villages in the Isère are beautiful. Also, the cheeses of the region are delicious! Thank you very much, Marianne, Olivier, and Celtina.”

Finally, I’ll give you a little vocabulary exercise. Find the words in the grid.