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Vocabulary of colors in French

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Hi friends 👋

Learn the French color vocabulary with the lesson and its exercise.

You can practice your listening comprehension with the audio and help you improve your French level 🇫🇷 in the context of everyday life.

So, let’s learn the color vocabulary?

It is always useful to know the vocabulary of colors. For example, to give information about an object, a person, an animal.

Small example:

  • Wow!!! This car is beautiful!
    • Which car?
  • The red car over there!
    • Ha yes that’s right, it is beautiful!

Beware! Colors agree in gender (feminine and masculine) and number (singular and plural) with the noun! EXCEPT brown and orange!


  • 🐇 Un lapin blanc 🐇 🐇 🐇 Des lapins blancs.
  • 🐢 Une tortue verte 🐢 🐢 🐢 Des tortues vertes.
  • 🏀 Un ballon orange 🏀🏀🏀 des ballons orange.

The masculine and feminine of colors

  • noir (masculin) – noire (féminin) 🦍.
  • bleu (masculin) – bleue (féminin) 🐳.
  • marron (masculin et féminin) 🦌.
  • jaune (masculin et féminin) 🐤.
  • orange (masculin et féminin).
  • rouge (masculin et féminin).
  • rose (masculin et féminin).
  • blanc (masculin) – blanche (féminin).
  • vert (masculin) – verte (féminin) 🐢.
  • gris (masculin) – grise (féminin) 🐘.
  • violet (masculin) – violette (féminin).
Vocabulary : colors in French

Some tips for learning colors

  • Create cards with pictures of colors and their French names to use as flashcards. Practice matching the names of the colors with their color correctly.
  • There are many children’s songs that teach colors in French. To practice, listen to them and sing the songs.
  • Reading children’s books: Children’s books often have vivid illustrations and color names in French. To practice, read them.
  • Look at and identify colors: Observe the colors of objects around you. This makes it easier to relate the colors to real objects.
  • During your immersion stay, ask your teacher to help you practice colors in French as you learn the language. Play games that involve color identification and memory.

That’s it! Color vocabulary will have no secrets for you. Now you are starting to be a French vocabulary expert 😉


Finally, I invite you to practice your color vocabulary with this exercise:

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