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Correspondence vocabulary: going to the post office

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Today we’re learning the vocabulary of correspondence and how to go to the Post Office in France! ✉️📬📄🖋

Going to the post office isn’t complicated, but when it’s not your native country it might be. You have to understand how the local post office works, the opening hours, what to do and, above all, what to say when you get there. Don’t panic, Celtina has gone to the post office for you:

Many students come from the other side of the world to learn French. To keep in touch, we correspond with each other. This means sending letters. To write a letter, nothing could be easier: we take a piece of paper and write a message to our correspondent. Our correspondent may be a family member, a friend or a student who has come to France to take a French immersion course. Once we’ve written the letter, we put it in an envelope, put a stamp on the envelope and write our correspondent’s address with a pen.

You can also write a postcard, in which case you don’t need an envelope but write directly on the card. There’s also a special place for the stamp.

If you want to send a big gift, there’s nothing better than using a parcel. You’ll need to think about franking it. Stamping a letter or parcel means paying for stamps so that the parcel or letter can be delivered by the letter carrier.

I love sending packages or letters to our students. There’s nothing more authentic.

But it’s also possible to send each other messages over the Internet or by phone. With our students, we often write to each other and also leave each other little voice messages on WhatsApp. It’s a great way to keep practicing French with your teacher.

There are also platforms where you can practice for free with native speakers. Of course, they’re not French teachers, but it will help you improve your speaking skills.

It’s essential to chat often with your correspondent, and sites like Italki or Hellotalk are excellent for practicing a language… without leaving your home.

You also know that you can write to me in private message and that I always reply with the greatest pleasure, so don’t hesitate to write to me 😉

Correspondence in France, Post Office

Some advice before going to the Post Office in France

Whether in large cities, small villages or rural areas, post offices are often found throughout France. In small villages, however, there may be no post office at all.

Opening hours vary from one post office to another, but are generally Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00 and, in some places, on Saturday mornings too. It’s a good idea to check specific opening hours, especially if you’re in a small village, but don’t worry, your teacher will help you!

Post offices can be very busy, especially before the vacations or at peak times. Try to plan your visit for off-peak hours if you want to avoid long queues.

So, are you ready to go to the post office with your immersion teacher?