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Love Vocabulary

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In France, love is considered an important part of French life and culture. The French place a high value on romance and passion in relationships, and this can manifest itself in various forms such as trysts, poetic declarations of love and romantic gifts.

Eiffel love

Love is also considered a frequent and open topic of discussion in France, and it is not considered taboo to talk about one’s feelings or romantic relationships with friends and family. The French are often considered passionate and are known to be lovers of life.

Finally, this may include such things as the celebration of Valentine’s Day, the tradition of kissing on the Eiffel Tower, and the French literary history rich in stories of love and passion. In sum, love is an important part of French life and culture, and is frequently associated with romance, passion, sophistication and reflection.

And thanks to the cute little nicknames that are common in France, you can hear them wherever you go: at the bakery, shopping or at the butcher shop! If you go on an immersion trip with your teacher, you will have the opportunity to hear them while walking in the street.

Love french

It is a way for couples to show affection and tenderness to each other, and nicknames are often chosen based on the other’s personality or particular characteristics. The French may also use love nicknames to show affection for their children or family. However, the use of love nicknames can vary depending on the region, age, and personality of each individual.

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Here is a small idea of the most common nicknames:



Mon coeurMy heart
Mon amourMy love
Mon bébéMy baby
Mon petit coeurMy little heart
Ma puceMy chip
Mon petit chou à la crèmeMy little cream puff


Celtina made a video to practice the pronunciation of these nicknames, here it is:



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