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Riddles in French

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Looking to learn vocabulary differently? Do you want to have fun while giving your brain a whirl? If you answered yes to both questions you’re in the right place.

Riddles are a fun and effective way to improve your French vocabulary skills as they help you think in French and also help you understand some details of the language that can only be learned in this way.

It has been proven that riddles are a perfect way to learn as it allows you to start to associate abstract ideas and to pay more attention to the problem, you will be able to expand your vocabulary in French while at the same time you are encouraging reflection, memory, and concentration. It is clear that if you put your attention on something you will be able to remember a concept or a word much better.

That’s why we put at your disposal a list with the best riddles in French, so you can improve your vocabulary and have fun at the same time. You will notice in a short time a great improvement in terms of comprehension and reflection in French.

Riddles of any kind for any level with which you can squeeze your brain at the same time you learn or improve in the language. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t mastered the language yet or if you are already an expert in French.

Also, they are perfect to consolidate the learning you have done during the year with your online courses because thanks to these riddles you will learn to communicate in a much more effective way as you will increase your vocabulary and you will understand much better those who speak to you.


Will you be able to solve all these riddles?


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