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Winter Vocabulary

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Salut les amis 👋

Today we’re learning a winter vocabulary in French! 👩🏫 ❄️🇫🇷

I’m so excited to share a small selection of winter vocabulary with you.

From the following list, what is your favorite word?

Yeti, beanie, boots, hot chocolate, tea, scarf, gloves or flakes?

Me, I hesitate between “the beanie” and “the scarf” because they are ESSENTIAL. I never go out without my hat and scarf.

Do you think our friend Yeti needs to use boots and gloves to go out and play in the snow? I think not. In fact, he is naturally equipped to survive in the mountains. Besides, he is also called: “the abominable snowman”. This is not very nice, but it contributes to his ferocious reputation.

The Yeti is a legend all over the world. I advise you to read the famous comic book “Tintin in Tibet” published in 1960. One of the most personal albums of Hergé which transcribes a period of deep questioning.

Winter YETI

The story of “Tintin in Tibet” begins like this: On vacation in the Alps, Tintin receives a letter from Tchang in which he announces his next visit. The next day, the newspaper announces the crash of the plane in which he was travelling, in the Himalayas. Following this announcement, Tintin has a dream where he sees Tchang alive, calling for help. He decides to leave in search of him, accompanied by Captain Haddock. Thus, they find the wreck, but no trace of Tchang. Tintin then finds a cave where he engraved his name, which proves that he is alive. After being welcomed in a lamasery and receiving the vision of a monk, they go to the indicated place and find Tchang, who had been taken in by the Yeti.


LIVE more funny French language things like this in France.