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Travel to Paris and its region

Come and enjoy an authentic experience in and around the City of Lights

You’re probably familiar with the city of Paris and the surrounding region for its gastronomy, which offers an abundance of choice, especially for its unforgettable pastries: croissants, éclairs, pains aux chocolats…

Paris also boasts a unique historical heritage that attracts visitors from all over the world: the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Notre Dame de Paris, and many other sites of timeless art. When we talk about the surrounding area, we have to mention the magnificent town of Versailles, with its unique Château and gardens.

But do you know Paris and the surrounding region beyond the surface?

There are so many other wonders to discover in and around Paris, that you’ll need to stay several times to explore all that this magnificent city has to offer.

Traveling alone and as a tourist doesn’t necessarily give you access to all those authentic aspects of discovering Parisian life. One way to explore Paris like a local is to make Parisian friends who will let you experience the real Parisian life.

Experience your unique French immersion program and make friends with your language exchange partner. Book your stay to experience Parisian life as a local. You’ll experience real Parisian life in your host’s home. Share your hobbies and passions. Discover the capital and its hidden corners.

We’ll tailor-make your stay to provide you with an authentic experience and unforgettable memories. Get ready to live like a Parisian: go to the market and order local products, go to the bakery and buy your croissant in the morning, learn new typical recipes, and cook them for your family back home. Whether you choose an immersion stay with a teacher or a hands-on experience with the locals, total immersion is yours for the taking.

Travel Paris, French Immersion

Tailor made stay, Paris

Live and study the French language at the teacher’s home in and around Paris

Learn French and improve your oral fluency with a language stay with a teacher in the Paris region.

During your stay in Paris, you’ll receive a warm welcome from your teacher as soon as you arrive. During the mornings, you’ll have the opportunity to take private lessons to improve your French, but that’s not all! You’ll also have the opportunity to speak French while preparing meals, as well as during meals, in a friendly and authentic environment. This will help you gain confidence in French conversation, and make you more fluent.

If you think that’s good enough, we’ve got even more! You can discover the real city of Paris and the surrounding region as a local. Depending on your expectations and interests, your teacher will take you to immerse yourself in Parisian culture, gastronomy, cafés, fashion, fine wines, and comfortable weather.

Discover Paris

Paris and the surrounding region are among Europe’s best-known destinations, with so much to discover. During your stay with your teacher, you’ll discover the vibrant cultural scene, visit many world-class museums (such as the Picasso Museum or the Louvre, which exhibits the Mona Lisa and many other famous artworks), as well as amazing art exhibitions. the architecture of the Eiffel Tower and Notre-Dame Cathedral.

During your stay, your teacher will suggest a variety of cultural activities, as well as shopping on Avenue Montaigne and long walks to explore Parisian architecture.

In the Paris region, you’ll have the opportunity to discover a quieter way of life close to nature.

For example, your teacher will be your private guide as you explore the city of Versailles. The château itself and its gardens offer a wide range of visits, especially at weekends when the King’s fountains, set to music of the period, are in operation in summer. You’ll also discover a more secretive town, full of mystery and charm, with its pretty boutiques, lively market square, historic monuments, hidden alleyways, and amusing anecdotes.

Parisian way life

For art lovers, your teacher will accompany you to discover Monet’s house in Giverny, and you’ll complete the experience by admiring other paintings by the artist on display in Paris museums.

To practice and improve your French, your teacher can also take you to visit Chartres, its famous cathedral with its sublime stained glass windows.

Our teachers welcome you at their home to learn French in Paris and the surrounding area

French immersion, stay Claude

Paris, Île-de-France

Teacher Claude

French immersion, stay Elisabeth
French immersion, stay Sophie

Bures, Versailles

Teacher Sophie

French immersion, stay Mathieu


Teacher Mathieu

French immersion, stay Mireille

Paris,La Queue en Brie

Teacher Mireille

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