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Versailles, France

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Learning French in Versailles is possible! But first, discover Versailles according to Elisabeth, a teacher and specialist in the city of Versailles.

Immerse yourself in history as you stroll the cobbled streets of the beautiful town of Versailles. Nestled in the Île-de-France region, just a few kilometers from Paris, Versailles is world-famous for its iconic château and enchanting gardens.

At the heart of this majestic city stands the legendary Château de Versailles, symbol of the absolute power of the Ancien Régime. This impressive palace, built by Louis XIV, the Sun King, dazzles visitors with its grandiose architecture and sumptuous interiors. From the Galerie des Glaces to the Chambre du Roi.

But there’s much more to Versailles than its famous château. The town abounds in hidden treasures, charming squares, artisan boutiques and quaint restaurants. Stroll the cobbled streets of the Saint-Louis district and discover the authentic atmosphere of a town steeped in history.

Exterior of Versailles, France

Who hasn’t heard of Versailles?

Here is a text that our teacher Elisabeth has written to show you her vision of the city of Versailles:

So often, we think of the superb façade of the Château, with its bricks and stone, its busts and golds crowning the roofs, opening onto the black-and-white marble courtyard! And then the image of the Galerie des Glaces springs to mind, dazzling with mirrors, large windows, gilded furniture and sparkling chandeliers. The sumptuous halls, antechambers and bedrooms, decorated with paintings by old masters, clocks with extraordinary mechanisms, precious vases, admirable furniture and portraits that observe us through the centuries, can be admired endlessly.

In short, Versailles!

Interior of Versailles, France

Let’s leave the Château and go down into the Park and Gardens. These are less well known. Don’t just walk down the Tapis Vert, take the side paths that lead into the shadows of the Bosquets, into the world of mysterious fountains. Each in its own way illustrates the mythology of the Sun. All recount the glory of Louis XIV, the Sun King. Simple or majestic, graceful or impressive, they charm and intrigue. On certain days and evenings, the music of the Great King’s time mingles with the gush of water and fireworks, and you might think you’ve seen silhouettes of the past glide past…

Let’s go further afield and walk to Marie-Antoinette’s estate: the Petit Trianon and the Hameau are less majestic places, but so full of charm and grace. There are fewer visitors here, and we can sit on a bench in the Petit Trianon garden, between two fragrant rosebushes, and dream of what life was like for the Queen in these settings, which she wanted for her close friends. It’s like an intimate nature salon. If it’s open, take a look at Marie-Antoinette’s tiny, papier-mâché theater, where she and her friends performed.

If we push our steps a little further, we’ll pass waterfalls, caves and a belvedere. We’ll take small paths to the Hameau. Here, trompe-l’œil thatched cottages, surrounded by well-ordered vegetable gardens, remind us that the Queen loved to educate her children in an illusion of country life. It’s always an illusion, but a charming one!

The Versailles of our kings was a perpetual work in progress. The Versailles of our time is just as much so! But the welcome we receive from our guards, guides and gardeners brings it closer to us. In fact, every Versailles resident is making it their own! Ask any questions you may have to any of the people in charge of the estate, and they’ll answer you with attention and kindness!

And don’t forget to dream when you visit this fabulous place…